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Joining a design team is one of the most rewarding experiences as a developing engineer. Project Boom fosters education and turns each new challenge into an opportunity to learn. We are young, scrappy and ready to go supersonic. 

“Learning to think on the spot and learning to deal with what you have is definitely something that you learn in design teams that a lot of times they don’t teach you in school. I completely value what design teams bring you and encourage any undergraduate students to reach out to any design teams they have access to.”

Aldo Martinez, Boeing Engineer and Advisor

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When starting or joining any project, an important question to ask it why? Why am I going to dedicate a significant amount of my precious time and energy to this mission? For us at Project Boom, it’s because we are not willing to stop. In the past year, our world has been rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic, for many students, this has meant the loss of internships and the invaluable hands-on experience that they provide. Instead of sitting home and fine-tuning our Fortnite skills, we got right to work creating our own engineering experience. Every member of our team realizes that there is no time to waste, we are passionate and driven towards becoming better engineers today so that we can solve the problems of tomorrow. Will you join us?

Colin Watson, Project Lead and Founder

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While  you wait for us to contact you, read up on our progress so far! We consistently update our research and documentation as we design and build our aircraft. 

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