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With over 300 students representing 70+ universities in 19 countries on 5 continents, Project Boom was created with the goal of being the first student group to reach speeds in excess of Mach 1 with a remote-controlled aircraft.


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The Beginning


Project Boom was started in the summer of 2020 with the initial goal of creating an autonomous UAV supersonic aircraft. During these months, the team came together and iterated the original concept into a two-phased approach.


A high subsonic proof of concept flight

During phase one our team will design and build a high sub-sonic aircraft to test our manufacturing, avionics, aerodynamics, and recovery without the complications of a supersonic aircraft propulsion system. This aircraft will be manufactured early next year and will fly in the summer of 2021. 


Going Supersonic

The ultimate goal is to go supersonic. With Phase Two, Project Boom will take everything we learned from our first flight and develop a Mach 1 capable aircraft. This flight is planned for the very end of 2021 or early 2022.

Project Boom Timeline




Using either a FT-250 or Jetcat P400 turbojet engine, Bravo will be able to reach between 0.74 to 0.85 Mach without the help of integrated rockets.


The delta wing configuration will allow high vorticity generation for maintained turbulent flow through transonic flight regimes. This current model uses a more traditional delta wing.


The Phase One aircraft will be optimized for subsonic to transonic regimes, using the Area Rule. On the other hand we are optimizing the Cg position for a large static margin to match our mission profile.

Design Journal

A documented engineering process

Follow our journey as we build our aircraft. Project Boom’s mission is to document our journey to empower and enable other students to take on amazing projects. Here’s a look into how we are going to break Mach 1.


Our process articles will take you through our bid process for each subteam, displaying the work done by each member as well as showing the progression of our design decisions.


Take a look at Project Boom’s educational video content as well as features. Our discussion content on YouTube and our Design Journal will dive deeper into the aerospace concepts we researched along this journey.


Keep in touch with Project Boom on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as we take you along zoom calls, manufacturing and flight tests.


Listen to our weekly podcast where we interact and learn from our large network of industry professionals and advisors.
Design Journal

About us

A Global Reach

We are a collective of kids from all around the world. What began as a simple Reddit post about a cool project idea turned into a student-led design team with over 170 people. With our members coming from countries like the US, UK, India, Mexico, and many other countries, our team is able to learn from each other’s diverse life experience.







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