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Project Boom was created with the goal of being the first student group to exceed Mach 1 with a remote-controlled aircraft.


What is Project Boom?

Project Boom is an international student-led initiative aiming to break the sound barrier with a remote-control plane while promoting student empowerment and education.

Founded at the start of the pandemic, Project Boom took advantage of online working to build a network of volunteers across 5 continents. A Reddit post in July 2020 saw the project grow from a group of students to over 100 members worldwide, with the team presenting a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and develop teamwork and communication skills over platforms like zoom.

“A group of highly-motivated kids from all over the world facing more than one barrier. Cost, experience, time zones, expectations – these are all barriers that will be broken. The sound barrier is just the destination. This is the journey.”

A phased approach.

To achieve our ambitious goal, experience is key. The team planned a phased approach that first sees a 3D-printed prototype aircraft to test our avionics and control, and validate CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) data, before moving to Phase-I, a transonic aircraft that will break the world record for the fastest remote control plane, currently set at 465 mph. With flight systems tested and additional funding secured, the team can then move to Phase-II which will go supersonic and achieve our namesake.



Our 3D-printed prototype aircraft has allowed us to test avionics and control systems in a relatively safe and low-cost environment while validating CFD data to ensure accuracy in Phase-I performance estimates. 


A world-record breaking proof of concept flight

For Phase-I our team designed a high subsonic aircraft to test flight systems and spark interest, prior to our end goal of going supersonic. This is currently in manufacture and will fly later on in 2022. 



The ultimate goal is to go supersonic. With Phase-II, Project Boom will take everything we learned from our first flight and develop a Mach 1 aircraft.

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A Global Reach

We are a collective group of students from all around the world. What began as a simple Reddit post about a cool project idea turned into a student-led design team with hundreds of people. We used the sudden onset of remote working to our advantage by recruiting members from the US, UK, India, Mexico, and many other countries, allowing our team to learn from each other’s diverse life experiences.







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