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Project Boom Design Review
A student team aiming to design and build the world’s fastest student-made unmanned jet aircraft
Hosted by AAIA LA-LV Section

00:30 AAIA LA-LV Introduction
10:30 Judges Introduction
17:30 Project Boom Intro Video

19:05 Project Lead – Colin Watson, Introduction and Why Project Boom?
22:00 Chief Engineer – Cole Replogle, Technical Goal Overview

35:12 Propulsion Team – Lead Mann Mansy
40:45 Aerodynamics Team – Lead Johnathan M. Burgess
54:10 Stabcon Team – Lead Skyler Jacob
1:01:30 Structures Team – Lead Gaurav Jalan
1:10:00 Avionics Team – Lead Minos Park
1:17:23 Integration Team – Lead Jake Compton
1:24:03 Marketing Team – Lead Shiva Vallabhaneni

1:29:35 What we need from you!
1:32:45 Outro
1:33:40 QnA

Who we are:
With over 180 students representing 70+ universities in 19 countries on 5 continents, Project Boom was created with the goal of being the first student group to reach speeds in excess of Mach 1 with a remote-controlled aircraft.

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