Requirements Definition
and Logical Decomposition

Bid description

This bid offers a chance to gain an industry experience. Test matrix is used in the industry for various purposes, including determining how each of the components will be tested and what their qualification criteria are.

Khushbu Patel, our advisor and an Avionics engineer at Relativity Space will be able to provide a helpful insight into what we’ll need in our test matrix.


Background information:

Validated Technical Requirements: This is the approved set of requirements that represents a complete description of the problem to be solved and requirements that have been validated and approved by the customer and stakeholders. Examples of documents that capture the require-ments are a System Requirements Document (SRD), Project Requirements Document (PRD), Interface Requirements Document (IRD), and a Software Requirements Specification (SRS).

Measures of Performance: These are the iden-tified quantitative measures that, when met by the design solution, help ensure that one or more MOEs will be satisfied. There may be two or more MOPs for each MOE. See Section the NASA Expanded Guidance for Systems Engineering at for further details.

Technical Performance Measures: These are the set of performance measures that are monitored and trended by comparing the current actual achievement of the parameters with that expected or required at the time. TPMs are used to confirm progress and identify deficiencies. See Section in the NASA Expanded Guidance for Systems Engineering at further details.


  • Draft test matrix document
  • High level system diagram with relavant interfaces from all sub systems
  • Design journal article (300-500 words) on this bid


Due Dates

Initial draft
September 14th, 2020

Meeting with Khushbu
September 15th, 2020

Final draft
September 21th, 2020

Design journal article
September 28th, 2020

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