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Our project’s CFD effort will quickly experience computational bottlenecks. Currently a rather simple CFD simulation is taking a few hours on a decent laptop. By employing HPC, high performance computing, we can decrease the runtime of the CFD simulation.

We have licenses to Star-CCM+, one of the industry’s leading software suite for CFD analysis through Siemens sponsorship. The key here is to find a way to run the software and our desired simulation on varying underlying hardwares; as well as make it easy for CFD members to submit their jobs.


  • A test run of CFD simulation on an example HPC cluster
  • A how-to guide
  • Design journal article (300-500 words) on using HPC for CFD analysis


Due Dates

HPC job setup research
September 13th, 2020

Example test run and documentation
September 20th, 2020

Design journal article
September 24th, 2020


  • Docker

  • Slurm

  • Singularity

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