Using either a FT-250 or Jetcat P400 turbojet engine, Bravo will be able to reach between 0.74 to 0.85 Mach without the help of integrated rockets.


The delta wing configuration will allow high vorticity generation for maintained turbulent flow through transonic flight regimes. This current model uses a more traditional delta wing.


The Phase One aircraft will be optimized for subsonic to transonic regimes, using the Area Rule. On the other hand we are optimizing the Cg position for a large static margin to match our mission profile.


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We are a collective of kids from all around the world. What began as a simple Reddit post about a cool project idea turned into a student-led design team with over 170 people. With our members coming from countries like the US, UK, India, Mexico, and many other countries, our team is able to learn from each other’s diverse life experience.







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Finding the Optimum Rocket Configuration

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August 19, 2020 | General

Project Boom prelim. Design Review

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A student team aiming to design and build the world’s fastest student-made unmanned jet aircraft.


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